Gene Beason(non-registered)
Hi everyone,
We have too good video basied on 2D and 3D animation. You can see 2D and 3D animation video and also see all subject related video.
For more information, see link

Kai T(non-registered)
Hi Jacob, I hope all is well! I stumbled upon your page after watching the first episode of Stardust a moment ago! Just wanted to say "Magic" is a fantastic song! Best of luck in your future endeavours!
Lane Stobbe(non-registered)
Amazing talent here Jacob. Keep up the good work!
Jackie Harrold(non-registered)
Hi Jacob, was looking for the Cuba photos....I know everyone had a great time, my sister in law sure did. Your body of work is fantastic. You really have a creative eye.
Joseph Johnson (Lil joe)(non-registered)
Send the Jamaica pictures
thank you
Cheryl D. Washington(non-registered)
Great Job, Jacob! I can't wait to see the beautiful photos you'll take in Jamaica next year for our High School Reunion in Montego Bay.
Carl Dempsey(non-registered)
Hey Jake. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. Very well done.
Only someone from 71 could do such a fine work.
That's why I want to be like you when I grow up.
You have made the world your studio.True inspiration.
Talk to you later.
Stacy Carter(non-registered)
Nice website Jacob. I enjoyed the photos.
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